The Breaking

Chapter 15 Invasion Rex Part 2

The team arrives to a scene of destruction. Though the portal had only opened up a short while ago, the chaos and devastation caused by the invaders was apparent.

Downtown Mill Valley was in ruins. Store fronts were destroyed, cars were on fire, and civilians were running to and fro. All over the district were robotic versions of different species of dinosaurs. Dozens of Compsognathus’ were chasing people, nipping at their heels and leaping onto their legs and backs. Velociraptors were stalking humans, hiding in shadows and alleyways waiting for a person to run by them, and then leap out onto them. Pterodactyls soared in the sky, swooping down to pick up people,and then dropping them. A lone stegosaurus slams his tail into cars, overturning them. And finally, a 15 foot tall Sauropod lumbers down the street, crushing whatever is underfoot.

At the end of Main Street, watching the whole scene, is a 10 foot tall red scaled tyrannosaurus humanoid, covered in a futuristic style body suit, whose brain is clearly exposed. His reptilian face is half covered in shadow. He is pressing buttons on a control pad on his arm, but says nothing.

The team springs into action. Aurum casts a spell and teleports as many civilians as he can out of harms way, into a nearby home. Jesuit starts shooting bursts of EMP to disable as many robodinos as he can. Firework fends of the flying robodinos, while Bouncer heads straight to the red dinosaur. Wildheart tells Juanito to save as many innocents as he can, as he starts laying into the various robodinos on the ground.

The team takes out dozens of robodinos, but there always seem to be more. They quickly realize that the robots are self-replicating! They deduce that they have to take out what they consider the controller of the robots in order to stop them permanently.

Bouncer almost gets knocked out by a herd of compys, but is able to leap out of the way. Wildheart starts tossing individual dinos back into the portal, telling Juanito to fly near the portal. Jesuit takes a shot at the red leader, but the various robots leap into the way, taking his blasts. Aurum summons a unicorn that goes around and saves any straggling bystanders, as well as causes the sauropod to fall through the street.

Aurum sees his friends getting overwhelmed, and he casts another spells. The unicorn runs up to where Bouncer stands, and a burst of golden essence launches from its horn. The rays of gold lift Bouncer into the air, swirling around him in blinding light, and then coalescing into golden armor. And a skirt. Bouncer is able to take the fight to a whole new level.

Firework focuses his sparks and tries something he’s never tried before. He turns into a ball of sparks and swarm toward the red dinoman. He merges with him and then activates his healing. The creature roars in pain as his body starts to reject his cybernetic implants. He falls to the floor, but is still conscious. Firework uses that pause to try and cover up the control screen, preventing him from commanding his robots.
The robots sense their master is under attack and all start to stampede towards him. At that moment, Juanito yells in surprise. Something else has leapt from the portal, latching onto Juanito! An ape like man, small in stature, covered in hair, screams out, “No! Please! No hurt Master! I takes him home! Please!”

Juanito flies to the ground, and the little apeman starts jumping up in down. “No hurt! I take! Please!”

The team sees that the robots are starting to merge, to form into a larger entity. Bouncer says, “Take him! Take your Master and get out of here!” The apeman whistles and several of the pterodactyls swoop down and pick up their stunned creator. They lift him up into the air and back into the portal.

The little ape man dances and yells, “Yay! We continue conquering! Go home now!” and leaps back into the portal.

The rest of the robodinosaurs finish merging, into a 30 foot tall tyrannosaurus. It roars and then stomps towards the portal, leaving a path of destruction, but leaving the team alone. It enters the portal, and as soon as it does, the portal closes.

The team get to clean up. Aurum hires Damage Control, the local construction company that has taken it upon themselves to service “Paranormal Causes of Destruction” and they get to work repairing main street. He also summons elves that will help speed along the process (as long as no one watches).

The team leaves to debrief and to get some rest.

Later that night, the elves continue their work, since no one is around. From out of the ground, where the Dinosaur Man fell before the might of the team, a shadow rises. The shadow that was in possession of the Dinosaur Man. It takes the vague shape of a human and looks around the empty street.

“This is it. This is the place. This could be…home. Now, to get the others…” It slips back into the shadows.



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