The Breaking

The Breaking Issue Guide

Adventures in a broken world

Season 2 Adventure Log

Chapter 1 – Not in Kansas Anymore

The team learns how much the world has changed thanks to reality breaking (again) and meet their new teammate.

Chapter 2 – Heart Burns

Confessions, revelations and more are revealed. What does this mean for the team, though?

Chapter 3- Crossroads

As various team members go off in different directions, Jesuit & Bouncer come face to face with a problem. An infamous problem.

Chapter 3, Part 1.5 – Firework’s Multiverse Adventure

There’s no earthly way of knowing which direction we are going.

Chapter 3 – Crossroads Part 2

Bouncer and Jesuit face off against Faster Pussycat’s mob of thugs. Will help arrive in time? Or are they outmatched?

Chapter 4 – Changes

Firework is now a grown man. What does this mean for team? And what is Wildheart up to?

Chapter 4 – Changes Part 2

Wildheart has a confession to make, but it goes awry when an incursion happens near his mom’s house!

Chapter 5 – Club Scene

Bouncer goes to help an old friend who as a WTF problem.

Chapter 6 – Meeting of the Minds

The other AEGIS Paranormal teams show up in San Francisco. The team gets to know their counterparts, and what the rest of the country is dealing with.

Chapter 6 Meeting of the Minds Part 2

The team learns why the Caretaker has summoned them, while Aurum battles the AEGIS board of directors.

Chapter 7 Breaking Out
The team returns to the real world and has to deal with AEGIS, as well as a new Breakout!

Chapter 7 Breaking Out Part 2

A Kaiju threatens San Francisco. Luckily, the team has some back up. But is it enough to save the day? And in this issue, SOMEONE DIES!

Season 1 Adventure Log

The Breaking changes the World and forces a new generation of heroes to rise. This is the story of how reality broke apart, and how humanity has evolved to survive.



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