Immovable leader


Power Level 11, 244/250 PP

Name: Steve “Bouncer” Hedson Power Set: Kinetic Personality: Surly
Chronicle: The Breaking Concept: Kinetic battering ram Team: AEGIS
Physical: 6’3" white male, 35 y/o, shaved head, clean shaven, bulky and brawny
Strength: 10 Agility: 0 Fighting: 10 Awareness: 5
Stamina: 4 Dexterity: 3 Intellect: 4 Presence: 7
Kinetic Bullet: Damage 3 +4, DC 18 75/150/300 ft., Kinetic, Crit 20
Throw +0, DC 25 Bludgeon, Crit 20
Unarmed +11, DC 25 Bludgeon, Crit 20
Dodge: 0 Parry: 10 Fortitude: 4
Toughness: 8 (Impervious +2) Will: 5 Initiative: 0
Communication: Sensory 3 (11 PP) “Telepathic” transmission; Quirk: cannot travel through a vacuum. (Free – Statewide – Sustained)
Friction Cling: Movement 1 (2 PP) Wall-crawling 1: -1 speed rank, Notes: Controlling friction between the surface and you, you can cling to walls. (Free – Personal – Sustained)
Frictionless: Immunity 10 (10 PP) Kinetic, Common Descriptor: Friction, Notes: Grabbing, Ensnaring, and Restraining effects (Personal -Permanent)
Immunity: Immunity 40 (40 PP) Kinetic, Custom: Kinetic 40, Notes: You are essentially invulnerable to impacts and other attacks reliant on kinetic energy, absorbing or dissipating them harmlessly. This power includes the benefits of the Immovable power, since kinetic attacks cannot move you any more than they can harm you. (Personal -Permanent)
Kinetic Absorption: Energy Absorption 8 (14 PP) [0 active, 0/8 PP, 1/r], Kinetic, Absorbs: Kinetic Energy, Boost: Agility (Personal – Continuous)
Dexterity: Energy Absorption 8 (alternate) [0 active, 0/8 PP, 1/r], Kinetic, Absorbs: Kinetic, Boost: Dexterity (Personal – Continuous)
Stamina: Energy Absorption 4 (alternate) [0 active, 0/8 PP, 1/r], Kinetic, Boost: Stamina (Personal – Continuous)
Strength: Energy Absorption 1 (alternate) Boost: Strength (Personal – Continuous)
Kinetic Bullet: Damage 3 (5 PP) Kinetic, DC 18; Increased Range: ranged; Quirk: Requires Objects as Ammo (Standard – Ranged, 75/150/300 ft. – Instant)
Kinetic Shield: Protection 2 (4 PP) +2 Toughness; Impervious (Personal – Permanent)
Leaping: Leaping 8 (8 PP) Leap 1800 feet at 250 miles/hour in 3 seconds (Move – Personal – Instant)
Weaken: Attack 4, Broad (13 PP) Temporarily lower one of a target’s traits; inanimate objects must be repaired. Incurable. Broad, Mental. Vs. Fortitude. (Standard – Close/Touch – Instant)
All-out Attack Trade active defense for attack bonus.
Assessment Use Insight to learn an opponent’s combat capabilities.
Chokehold Suffocate an opponent you have successfully grabbed.
Close Attack +1 bonus to close attack checks per rank.
Daze Intimidation to daze (only take standard action) target for one round
Fast Grab Make a free grab check after an unarmed attack.
Improved Hold -5 circumstance penalty to escape from your holds.
Improvised Weapon Use Close Combat: Unarmed skill with improvised weapons, +1 damage bonus.
Inspire 5 Spend a hero point to grant allies a +1 circumstance bonus per rank.
Interpose Take an attack meant for an ally.
Leadership Spend a hero point to remove a condition from an ally.
Set-up 5 Transfer the benefit of an interaction skill to an ally.
Startle Use Intimidation to feint (vulnerable; halved defense) in combat.
Teamwork +5 bonus to support team checks.
Name Total Ranks Ability Other
Acrobatics 0
Athletics 15 5 10
Deception (I) 7 7
Insight 10 5 5
Intimidation (I) 15 8 7
Investigation 4 4
Perception 11 6 5
Persuasion (I) 13 6 7
Ranged Combat: Kinetic Bullet: Damage 3 7 4 3
Ranged Combat: Throw 3 3
Sleight of Hand 3 3
Stealth 0
Technology 4 4
Treatment 4 4
Vehicles 3 3
Base Movement Speed 2 miles/hour, 30 feet/round (run 4 miles/hour, 60 feet/round; swim 0.5 miles/hour, 6 feet/round)
Friction Cling Movement 1 – Wall-crawling 1: -1 speed rank
Leaping Leaping 8 – Leap 1800 feet at 250 miles/hour in 3 seconds
Routine Jump Distance Running jump: 25 ft.; standing: 12.5 ft.; vertical: 5 ft.; standing vert.: 2.5 ft.
Throwing Distance Throw 100 tons 6 feet; throw 25 tons 30 feet; throw 6 tons 120 feet

Communicator w/ GPS [No Cost] (Commlink)
Kevlar Armor [No Cost] (Bulletproof Vest)
Perception Filter [No Cost]
Tower floor

Insomniac Steve’s odd hours of work were something he never fully adapted to and has a hard time sleeping during the day. Therefore, he deals with random bouts of insomnia on occasion, something which is guaranteed to occur if something keeps him up too late (after about 3 or 4am).
Reputation By being a bouncer, Steve has built up a bit of a reputation for being unpleasant when annoyed, and a few patrons annoyed him often. He had no problem getting violent with these few patrons who would get drunk and cause problems. As a result, there are a few people from the tougher side of town who would love to pay Bouncer back.
Temperamental One of the things that made Steve good at his job was his very low tolerance for, well, most things. Sometimes this bites him in social situations as he will become sarcastic and dismissive at best and can snap to anger at worst with little provocation.


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