Changing Perceptions



STR 00 | AGL 03 | FGT -3 | AWE 08
STA 00 | DEX -2 | INT 00 | PRE 04

Defenses: Dodge (5), Parry (1), Fortitude (0), Toughness (0), Will (15)

Skills: Initiative (15), Acrobatics (2), Athletics (0), Close Combat (10), Deception (18), Insight (8), Intimidation (0), Investigation (0), Perception (8), Persuasion (18), Ranged Combat (-2), Slight of Hand (-2), Stealth (2), Tech (0), Treatment (-1), Vehicles (-2)

Advantages: Assessment, Fearless, Trance, Animal Empathy
Colleen 2


Mental Sense [Mental Awareness (1) linked with Mental Detection (1)]
+Radius, +Extended Range, +Accurate

Remote Sensing (2) Visual, Mental

Concealment (7)
+Affects Others

Mind Control (9)
+Multiattack, +Extra Subtle, +Insidious

Telepathy [Mental Communication (1) linked with Mind Reading (5)]
-Touch Range, -Feedback


Elder’s Notes

Name: ΓΟΛΕΝ (Gamma Omicron Lamda Epsilon Nu), “Colleen”
Age: 18 (biologically 18 but body is under-developed due to entropy)
Height 5’3"
Weight: 96 lbs
Eyes: Green (varies)
Hair: Red (varies)
Skin Color: “Freckled” and extremely Pale, Seemingly semi-translucent

During the breaking, a pod of goo cracked open spilling a lifeless body into on the floor of an overturned semitrailer. The body felt human touch for the first time, and at that moment was seeing herself through the eyes of a familiar stranger, Doctor McTeaggen. The doctor had looked to this body as the daughter she could never have. Before the tragic accident on the Golden Gate Bridge, the nameless girl became “Project ΓΟΛΕΝ” who became “Projct GOLEN” who became Colleen, she gleaned from Doctor McTeaggen’s dying consciousness. Colleen’s first destiny would be the keeper of McTeaggen’s last memories.

The breaking, or perhaps the trauma, was enough to spark a consciousness into the inanimate body. She may seem the most vacant and vapid, but she, more than most, understands how other people’s view of you can truly shape who you become. Everything Colleen knows about herself, she learned from others and through their perspective. I will watch to see if there is any original soul in her manufactured body.

The body seems to have developed abilities to aid her in her quest for self discovery, as well. She can see through others’ eyes. She can camouflage herself from their perceptions. She can even read and control their minds.

Though little is known about the girl from the pod, One thing is clear she, better than any will judge them because she is them. She is their “Collective”


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