Heather Combs

Ice PreTeen


A young preteen, stands around 5’5’’, with dark blond hair and light green eyes, slender, usually wears too large for her hoodies. A cold chill follows her wherever she goes.



Heather Combs is the youngest Paranormal to ever Break Out. Due to her youth and lack of control, she lost both her parents in a car accident, leaving her a ward of the state. She bounced around different Foster Homes, but always ended up back at the Orphanage. The people there cared about her, but told her to keep her powers a secret. No one would want to adopt a Paranormal.

When the holiday season began, Heather became depressed, and bitter. Why should everyone else have a Merry Christmas when she was all alone. Why did everyone else get to have a family? She wished that Christmas didn’t even exist!

Her wish was granted.

After her winter adventure, Firework took pity on the lonely girl, and brought her home. He asked his mothers to adopt her, to give her a stable and loving home life, for her sake, as well as for his parents, since they missed out on his childhood.

Heather is now being trained by The Caretaker. When she’s not in the Nevernever, she wears an inhibitor device that negates her powers. This way she can attend school without worrying about having another accident.

Heather has the ability to encase objects in ice, and then melt them completely. She doesn’t know the extent of her powers, and her control over them is limited.

Heather Combs

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