The Breaking

Season 3 Issue 1 - Crash Landing

It has been months since the Shadow Invasion. The world is still rebuilding after the traumatic attack. All over the world people had been taken over by the shades of another universe. Chaos and riots had occurred as the masses thought the end of the world was surely upon them. But with the help of the various heroes around the world, Paranormal or not, order was restored and things went back to normal. As normal as it gets in this crazy world.

When Eldritch cast his spell worldwide, the shades in the sky and the majority of shades possessing people dissipated. But not all of them. There have been sightings around the world of individuals with faces half covered in darkness. These reports haven’t been substantiated, but the rumors persist.

AEGIS had under their custody four of the five invaders, Rebound (Bouncer’s double), Unity (Collective’s double), Roman (Spartan’s double), and Wildcard (Wildheart’s double). Radiant (Firework’s double) has been M.I.A. since the shades were exorcised. AEGIS thoroughly interrogated the prisoners, who held nothing back.

They said that one day they were in their Lair, inside the Nevernever, recuperating after a mission. Alarms started to blare all over and their Caretaker doubled over in pain. He told them he could feel the universe dying.

Radiant and Caretaker combined their powers for a hail mary. They couldn’t save their universe, but they tried to save their world. Radiant’s sparks absorbed the very souls of the people of his world. One spark for one soul. The white sparks that surrounded Radiant turned black. As their world was torn asunder, Radiant and Caretaker leapt back into the Nevernever, just in time.

Their world…their reality was gone.

Radiant knew about the multiverse. He knew the dangers of dimension hopping. He theorized, though, that if he could find a “compatible world”, one that wouldn’t reject them, they could colonize it.

The team went back and forth for a long time, debating on whether what they were doing was moral. They finally agreed that they had a responsibility to their world, to their people. They would bring back their world, at any cost.

Radiant sent “scouts” out into the multiverse. They would posses unsuspecting individuals and creatures, who in turn would go out in search of a reality that wouldn’t reject them.

AEGIS realized that because the team was able to defeat all the shadow-possessed invaders, they shadows were never able to report back. Until the shadow that had possessed Cerberus Rex survived the encounter. Once it discovered that this reality didn’t reject it, it reported back to Radiant, who then plotted out the invasion.

The prisoners said they didn’t know where Radiant had gone. They didn’t know anything about what happened to him once his sparks were exorcised. They seem to have given up all hope.

Caretaker reported to the team that it would take him a while to rebuild The Lair. The fight between him and the other Caretaker had been brutal. Speaking of, the Caretaker of the dead universe was turned over to the Council of Caretakers. They would be dealing with him soon enough.

Bouncer has had various meetings with various members of AEGIS. He has briefed AEGIS as much as he could about what had happened during the battle, and how they were able to stop the invaders. He told them a good amount about what he knew, but made sure to keep the secret of The Lair, the Nevernever, and the Caretaker.

Bouncer is summoned by Jackson. Jackson tells Bouncer about his latest project. Jackson has been able to more or less perfect the multidimensional transporter. He has gone to a few different realities, done a bit of exploring, and returned…mostly unscathed. He’s wants to explore more, and thinks he can figure out a way to keep from having a reality reject him. But he’s worried that if AEGIS finds out what he’s been doing, they wouldn’t be pleased. Or worse, they would be pleased. Very very pleased.

Bouncer tells Jackson that the team will help him, but to keep it secret. He worries about what the government would do if they found out they had access to the multiverse.

Aurum was out of comission for about a week after the battle. He feels he used up a lot of reserve energy, and had very little of it the following week. Firework may or may not have found him to be a bit needy. After he got better, Aurum spent a good amount of time at AEGIS. Now that he and Dr. Brennan were on the board (along with Maximilian Mars and a few others) they’ve been very busy. He often was away from the team for a good amount of time due to the bureaucracies involved in running a government agency.

Aurum uses his political savviness to make connections, acquire favors, and helps promote the importance of freedom for the Paranormal population. He helps Dr. Brenanna immensely. Though intelligent, she wasn’t accustomed to navigating the shark infested pool that is politics. But Aurum is pleased to find out that when push comes to shove, Dr. Brennan is able to hold her own and stands up to those who didn’t believe she should be around.

Jesuit has been volunteering more and more at the Church of Jesus Christ Paranormal in San Jose. The church’s membership has exploded after the invasion, so much so that they moved to a bigger building than the community hall they were renting. Jesuit helps with security, and every once in awhile leads a sermon. He scans the crowds and is pleasantly surprised to see more and more people having true faith in the church.

He has been asked as well, to lead mass back in San Francisco. He is pleased, and a little amused, to see that membership in the Catholic Church has increased as well, and when he was on the docket to speak, the church tended to be filled to the brim.

His…friendship with Rosa also took a turn. They continued their dalliances through the months, until after a night together, she told him that she had been accepted to join another AEGIS Paranormal team. With her knowledge and Power Armor, and with the good word that War gave, she would be joining the Freedom City team, The Freedom League. Jesuit was pleased by her apparent redemption, but wasn’t too saddened by her leave.

War had spent the months training, and spending more time with Melody Mist. Melody, in turn, had spent time with Johnny 5 and learning more about the ins and outs of the his system. She contacted Jackson, because she wanted to learn more about Johnny 5’s systems. Jackson invites War to visit his lab, saying he has a proposition for him.

War brings Melody along, after she heavily implies that she wants to go. Together they go downstairs to Jackson’s lab. Jackson tells him he’s heard about his desire for a few…modifications and help in the field. He says he has some suggestions, but that he would need War’s approval.

When War asks what the modifications are, Jackson answers with one word, “Nanoblood.” War agrees to it, asks what he needs to do. That’s when Melody stabs him in the neck with an injector and knocks him out.

War wakes up to the sound of Jackson and Melody talking technobabble. He finds himself shirtless, strapped to a metal table, his arms covered in tubes. He sees a grey viscous fluid going into his right arm, while his left arm seems to be pumping out blood. He passes out.

When he wakes up fully, he feels fuzzy in the head, but his body feels electric. He stands up and asks what they did to him.

Jackson shoots him.

It hurts. It hurts alot. But in a few moments, War sees the bullet get pushed out of his skin (which hurts) and as he watches, the wound closes (which also hurts).

Jackson explains to him that he has given him a Nanoblood infusion. He now has a healing factor, as well as given the ability to survive certain environments that most humans wouldn’t be able to.

As War smiles, Jackson says, “You might want to stay away from Electromagnetic Pulses, though. Just in case.”

War can’t tell if Jackson is joking or not.

Wildheart’s life has gone through some changes as well. He has spent a fair amount of time training his protege, Juanito. Juanito has been diligently training with Wildheart, as well as with AEGIS and The Caretaker. Caretaker has also been working with Firework’s new step-sister, Heather. Together, they’ve been practicing using and controlling their abilities.

Wildheart has chosen a new codename for Juanito. He is now known as Luminous.

Wildheart has also had a change of heart when it came to his relationship. Brandon Peters, Wildheart’s one night stand turned beau, had gone through a tough time as of late. He had been one of the victims of the shadow invasion, having been possessed by a shade.

Brandon has revealed to the team that being possessed didn’t mean he was unconscious. He was completely self aware inside of his body, but unable to control it. The shade took complete control of his every action. Brandon, and anyone who had been possessed, was a passenger in their own body.

Brandon got therapy, along with some sessions with The Jesuit, trying to help him cope with the trauma. Jesuit found out that therapy patients rose dramatically after the Shadow Invasion.

Wildheart, for reasons of his own, broke up with Brandon. Wildheart told Brandon that he’d always be there for him, that if Brandon needed comfort or help, to just pick up the phone. But Wildheart had to go his own way.

Firework helped with the clean up, and assisted Aurum in during his convalescence, regardless of how…needy he was. After some time, Firework realized he needed to get away from it all. He needed to room to explore his powers and see what limits he had. He needed space.

And so, he went into space. Deep space. For several months.

He kept in touch to the team via his mental link with Aurum and explored the solar system. He went to various planets, saw things that (to his knowledge) no living human being has ever seen. It was beyond understanding, it was gorgeous, and it was breathtaking.

And then it got really, really boring.

Space is infinite, and a large chunk of it is emptiness. He may have seen things no-one else has ever seen, but after a while, it all started to blend together. He pushed himself to go as fast as he could, seeing how far out he could. He went to our neighboring galaxy, taking pictures along the way. He knew his friends at NASA would flip.

Just when he was wondering if he should turn around and start the journey home, he saw ran into something. Something he couldn’t see. He slammed into it, hard. It took him a few moments to regain his composure. It felt like a wall. An invisible shield? In the middle of space?

He spread his sparks out, surrounding the field, trying to see what shape it was. It was massive, to the point where his spark couldn’t spread out. It looked like it was spherical, but hard to tell. Firework tried to phase through, but couldn’t. He could see in the distance a planet. He couldn’t quite make it out, but there seemed to be…lights? Lights coming from the planet!

As Firework watched, a light did indeed come from the planet. It was hurtling towards him! He recalled his sparks, turned vaguely humanoid, and waited to greet whatever came at him.

He soon realized that inside the light was a humanoid figured, one in cased in blue armor. It zipped up to the edge of the forcefield and spoke. Even in the vacuum of space, and through the shield, Firework heard it. It spoke an alien language.

Firework responded, calling out his greetings, that he came from Earth and comes in peace. The figure made gestures that Firework should continue. Firework assumed he was trying to translate, so Firework spoke. And spoke, and talked more. Finally, the figure held up a hand for him to stop.

“What are you here doing?” the blue figure asked.

Firework told him, that he was an explorer, that he was the first of his kind to be this far out, and that he came in peace.

The blue armored figure said, “Did you bring rock with you? Is it yours?”

Firework didn’t understand. The figured pointed behind Firework. Firework turned around and saw, far far away, what looked like a comet, or meteor, headed their way. Firework heard a hum and crackle of electricity and saw that the blue armored figure had summoned an energy weapon made of blue light. Firework understood and said, “Hey! I can help!”

Firework charged at the incoming object. He saw that it was indeed a meteor, several dozen feet in length. In front of the giant boulder were four smaller ones. The big one seemed to be trailing the smaller ones. A group of asteroids were in the path of the rocks, and before they reached them, blasts of energy spewed out of the smaller rocks, destroying the asteroids and clearing the path!

Firework grabbed onto the biggest rock, having his sparks surround it, and slowly, with great effort, changed its course, turning the rock to very away from the shielded planet. With no inertia, and the fact that he was in space, he was able to do so.

Firework changed the trajectory and followed the rocks. That’s when one of the smaller rocks broke off from the path and scanned Firework! Firework went immaterial and tried to move out of the way. He wasn’t sure if it succeeded.

The smaller rock rejoined the group. The smaller rocks got into a formation and beams of light emerged from them. It blasted the space in front of them, opening up a worm hole! Before Firework could react, the rocks, the giant one following, flew into the wormhole and it closed behind them.

Firework floated there, unsure of what just happened. The armor figure flew up next to him, and said, “Thank you, bright creature. We have been tracking it for time and were unsure if shield would stop it. You help. Come, I show you home.

My name is Sri Zarius.”

Firework went with him and got the first glimpse of an alien planet. It was glorious.

Some time later, back on Earth, alarms started to blare out at AEGIS. Scanners had picked up some sort of spatial interference above the planet’s atmosphere. Looking via satellite, the world’s governments are able to see a massive wormhole open up in the sky. From out of it flies four small boulders, and one large one, hurtling towards Earth.

Aurum contacts Firework, telling him to come home as quickly as he can. Firework had told Aurum about his encounter, and realized that it was the same one that Firework had deflected. Firework, even at top speed, would take months to get back home. Aurum suggested he travel via The Nevernever.

Firework informed his new friends about the predicament. He told him he had to get back home. Sri Zarius told him that because Firework had helped his planet, they would send help too. Firework thanked him, pulled out his golden Lair key, inserted it into an alien door, which he opened, and stepped into the void beyond.

Sure enough, he arrived in The Lair. Firework saw that The Lair, though not in shambles, was under construction. Before he had time to explain to the Caretaker, he teleported out.

By then the team had already gathered together, trying to figure out how to sop the potential world ender. Johnny 5, having hacked into AEGIS’s readings, saw that the rocks were actually slowing down, and that their impact would land them in Point Reyes. As he said this, the asteroids crash landed, leaving a large crater, but causing no damage to any human settlement. The team leapt into action and head out.

The team arrived at the crash landing site. The large asteroid lay in a smoldering heap. The team approached slowly. Jesuit took point, hands raised, in gestures of coming in piece.

Which is when Wildheart leapt into the air and landed on the giant rock.

The four smaller rocks flew off the ground, into the air. The rock shed off them, revealing four mechanical drones. From underneath them came out what looked like guns. They began to charge.




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