The Breaking

Season 3 Issue 2 - Stars Among Us Part 3

As Drakko roars, War Witch & Iron Monger leap into battle. The team brace themselves.

In an alternate reality…

Firework leads the way out of a tower of the Dark Necromancer, Grizhul The Desecrator. He is followed by his fellow adventurers, a group he met in a local tavern. As they take a rest, they split up the loot. Firework asks that the group keep the gold, but he wouldn’t mind one of the spell scrolls.

With the Necromancer’s dark magic out of the way, Firework’s connection with Aurum reestablishes itself. Via a telepathic mind dump, Firework realizes his friends need help. He wishes his new friends goodbye and teleports to The Nevernever.

There it’s a hop, skip & teleport to The Lair. He calls out The Caretaker and asks to be teleported to San Jose. Caretaker creates a doorway, and Firework appears in downtown San Jose.

Aurum is standing off against Erebus. Erebus has just disintegrated The President of the United States. His secret service are unconscious on the floor. Erebus’ formerly charming smile is now malicious, almost scary. Aurum keeps his cool.

Aurum tries to get Erebus to monologue, and succeeds. Erebus admits that he was hoping to get the trust of the planet before he betrayed them, but that the unexpected arrival of their prey sped up their plans. He says with the power he’ll get from his prey, maybe The Starbreed will properly conquer Earth, and rule it under his…merciful regime.

Aurum measure up Erebus. He finds him lacking. He threatens Erebus, telling him that his goons don’t stand a chance. That the power that Earth possesses, not just in technology but in raw, unadulterated power, will make the universe tremble. That Erebus would be wise to take caution, because once that power is unleashed, he’ll be its first victim.

Erebus takes in Aurum’s warning. He continues smiling, his demeanor not showing any sign of distress. Erebus remains quiet for a moment and then goes, “Bah, you are unworthy of my attention. Fare thee well, magician. And have fun explaining what happened to the leader of your world, and how you failed to protect him. “

With a wave of his hand, Erebus teleports away.

Aurum smirks, casts a spell, and vanishes.

Back in San Jose, the team leaps into action. Wildheart goes after Drakko, Bouncer charges Warwitch, while War & Jesuit take positions. Firework & Juanito attempt to clear out any bystanders.

Drakko slashes at Wildheart. Though Wildheart dodges, the force behind the hits are intense, and Wildheart knows that if they connect, it’s gonna hurt. A lot. He punches at Drakko, but Drakko just laughs off the taps.

War Witch twitches and her demeanor changes to that of royalty and confidence. Red energy surrounds her and from the ground rises red skeletal minions. They surround her and protect their Queen. As Bouncer reaches them, they slash at him, keeping him at bay.

Iron Monger taps some buttons on his wrist control pad. The Starbreed’s ship starts to power up.

Firework attempts to contact Johnny 5 & Melody. Their communicators are down, thanks to Iron Monger. He learns that the last transmission they sent out sounded bad, so he races home, in order to check in on them.

There, he finds that their home’s security defenses have been activated, and have gone wild! Blast of energy are shooting to & fro, a smoldering wreck of a car is seen down the block, while rubble is everywhere.

There are bystanders hiding up and down the streets. Some have their cell phones out and are recording. The Perception Filters are either offline or can’t hide the chaos erupting from their base.

Firework dematerializes and enters their home. Johnny 5’s systems have gone haywire. Cabinets, doors and panels are slamming open and shut. Various booby traps have been activated, including buzz saws, trap doors, and energy blasts. Firework avoids the energy weapons and heads into the control room. Inside, all the screens are flickering and changing, with various alarms going off all at once. He finds Melody, hiding underneath one of the control panels. Her clothes are burnt, but she appears unhurt.

Firework sends a text out to Jackson, hoping to get help in shutting down Johnny 5. He reaches the master control panel and tries to override Johnny 5. He inputs the master code, but something is fighting him! It looks like an outside influence is changing the code, preventing Firework from shutting down Johnny 5!

Firework gets a text from Jackson. It reads “On it.” A few moments later he texts, “Telling Melody to do the thing.”

After several attempts, Firework gets frustrated. He decides that drastic actions are needed. He goes underneath the base, finds the power lines and cuts them in half. The entire base (and neighborhood) black out. All activity has been nullified.

Firework sends a spark to Dr. Brennan, “Get an AEGIS team over to our base. We need a clean up crew, and the perception filters are down. People know.”

He flies back to San Jose.

Erebus shows up, and heads towards the immobile golden armored figure. Jesuit scans him, and the rest of the Starbreed. He sees that Drakko is a powerhouse, Erebus will be tough to hurt, Warwitch is completely unstable, and can’t get a read on Iron Monger due to his armor.

Jesuit takes a shot at Erbeus, but it stops just before it hits him. He has a force field!

War takes aim at Drakko. He tags him with a taser arrow, which Drakko laughs off. War goes stealth and takes aim at Drakko, getting ready for the perfect shot.

Wildheart attempts to put the whammy on Drakko, but his powers don’t seem to affect the non-Paranormal. Furious with Drakko and unable to hurt him, instead tells Juaunito to fly over the ocean, just off short. Juanito does. Wildheart latches onto Drakko and teleports him to where Juanito is, hundreds of feet over the ocean! He drops Drakko and mimics Juanito’s flying ability. They fly back to the battle.

Aurum arrives, surveys the scene, summons an Elvish Knight, and sends it into battle.

Bouncer takes care of War Witch’s summons. As he is about to attack her, she summons her ax and shoots blast of red energy at Bouncer!

War, his target gone, jumps into the battle and tries to help Bouncer. He is able to take out several of War Witch’s summons.

As they do so, Iron Monger finishes preparing the ship. The ship’s offensive capabilities are now online. Canon’s appear underneath the ship. They take aim and start blasting away at Bouncer & War! Bouncer barely dodges out of the way, but War is blasted into the ground, being left in a massive crater in the street.

Erebus, ignoring the blasts from Jesuit, picks up the golden armored figure and flies into the air. He yells out, “We have what we came for! Leave!”

Iron Monger says, “What about Drakko & the Witch?”

Erebus goes, “Leave them!”

As they fly up into the air, Jesuit yells out at the team “Stop them! They’re escaping!” As he does, he looks up into the sky. He sees streaks of light, different colors, emerging from the heavens, and heading straight to where they’re at.

Jesuit takes aim at the ship and starts to blast it, trying to take out its cannons. Aurum’s knight launches arrows at it, helping Jesuit take them out.

Firework arrives, just in time to hear Jesuit’s cry. He sees Erebus holding onto the armored figure. He takes a breath, hopes that the force field doesn’t extend beyond Erebus, and launches himself at them. He grabs onto the figure, dematerializes it and himself, and flies toward the ground, away from The Starbreed.

Erebus roars with rage. He flies straight into the ship, followed by Iron Monger. The ships cannons all focus on the team and start to charge up when bolts of energy start hitting it from above!

The color streaks are now in plain sight and they’re four other armored beings, similar to the golden one in Firework’s arms. They’re blasting at the ship as the purple one slashes at it with a pole axe, another with an energy sword. The ships turns and flies off, while two of the figures go in pursuit.

The two remaining ones, a blue & green one, land in front of the team.

The green one speaks, “We hear word that one of us in danger. Please, are you to assist in this?”

The team walks towards the blue & green aliens, weary. As they do, Firework rises from the ground, with the golden armored figure. As they do, the blue one says, “Fire-work?” Firework, surprised, goes, “Sri Zarius? Hi!” Firework looks at his friends, “These are my friends from…out there!” he points to the sky.

The golden figure stands on its own and takes off its helmut. Underneath is a young, african american woman, with big hair. She shakes her head and goes, “Wow…that was instense.”

The aliens explain that The Starbreed are infamous bounty hunters, and they were tasked with capturing a member of the Order of Star Knights, guardians of the universe. When they found out that Earth had been assigned a Star Knight for the first time, they thought it would be easy prey. With Iron Monger’s help, their ship was able to transmit a signal that interfered with Earth’s Star Knight’s armor, thus making its host lose control.

Golden Star Knight goes, “Yeah. I’ve only had the armor for a few weeks, still trying to understand it. But then today it just went kray and I couldn’t stop it, or even unsummon it. Oh yeah, hi everyone. I’m Maria Jackson.”
Firework goes, “Oooooh. So when I said that my world needed help, and you said you’d send help…”

Sri Zarius nods. “Yes, you showed us that Earth may be ready to join The Stellar Imperium. Seeing how you handled The Starbreed indicates that you are still a young species, but with great promise.”

Jesuit steps in, “Yes, well, we appreciate the compliment but…the person who you would’ve spoken too was…Erebus killed our leader, who…”

Aurum appears and goes, “Actually…” he waves his hand and a door appears. From out of it steps the President of the United States. He looks around and goes, “That Caretaker fellow is something, isn’t he?”

Aurum goes, “Bara…er, Mr. President, may I introduce to you an actual representative of the galaxy’s…something. Sri Zarius. You may continue the diplomatic talks.” The President smiles and extends his hand to Sri Zarius. Sri Zarius looks at it quizzically.

As they walk away, Jesuit looks at Maria. “So…you’re a superhero now, eh? And you didn’t think to mention it to AEGIS?” Maria looks guilty. “Well…that’s the Paranormal agency? This…” she gestures to the armor “is something else entirely, no?”

Firework goes, “Totally! But you know, if you ever wanna train, we’re here, Star Knight.”

Maria grins, “Star Knight. Yeah, I can get behind that.”

From the sky, the purple snake like Star Knight arrives, carrying Drakko. He lands him next to War Witch, who when Erebus took off fell to the ground. Drakko looks around and goes, “Oh…oh my. What…what has occurred? Where…where is my current location?”

War Witch shakes her head and twitches. “Oh dear…oh no…they took over. He…he allowed them to take over…” She starts to tear up. Jesuit walks over, says, “Your sisters?” War Witch goes, “Yes. Normally…usually I can keep them in check. They…they are not well. But I’m able to hold them. But Erebus…he did something…unleashed them, and locked me away.”

The green Star Knight says, “We are in pursuit of Erebus & Iron Monger. Erebus has a tendency to recruit unwilling agents to his cause. The only one he can’t control is Iron Monger, due to his suit. But once they are found, they will be brought to justice.”

He looks at the team. “Once the the negotiations have concluded, would any of you like to visit Homeworld? You have shown that you are all heroes in your own right, and we would be honored to have you over as guests, and representatives of your planet.”

The team look at each other. Jesuit goes, “We need to finish the clean up here, and check in on our home. But we would be honored.”

War yells out, “ROAD TRIP!”



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