The Breaking

Season 3 Issue 3 - ...In Spaaaaace... Part 2

The team is enveloped in darkness. The only light stems from Firework’s sparks, Sri Lerus armor, and the alien energy powering the plant. Firework spreads out his sparks a bit, but the darkness almost seems to be fighting back.

The winged alien says, “I see you made some new friends. Perhaps they would like to meet MY friends!” The aliens get into battle formation, except for the imp, who seemingly jumps into the darkness itself, disappearing from view.

Sri Lerus gives the Golden Gate Guardians the low down on The Black Guard. Their leader, Black Star, was once a Star Knight known as Rojan Lhar. He became corrupted and abused his power. Mentor and the rest of the Knights took him down, and imprisoned him. Somehow, Lhar escaped and discovered a power source known only as The Night Stone, which allows him to empower his followers. The Black Guard are sworn enemies to not only the Star Knights, but the entire galaxy.

Sri Lerus yells out, “We must take down that dome! Then we can have all of Homeworld here to capture them!”

Aurum looks up into the darkness, sighs, and envelops himself in golden light. “This isn’t magic…but I’ll see what I can do. Do be a dear, and cover me, as they say.” and rises to the top of the dome, and begins casting.

The team battles hard, going one on one with the Blackguard.

Auroch charges at Bouncer, who is able to turn his own momentum against him.

Izeel flies towards War, deflecting his arrows with his shadow wings.

Gravik the imp plays hide and seek with Firework.

Sri Lerus flies into the air and fights Karess, backed up by Jesuit.

The battle goes on. Auroch is hard to hurt, but not hard to trick. Izeel plays with War, until War stops playing and uses explosions against him. Karess dances with Sri Lerus, until Jesuit finds her weak spot.

As his teammates get taken out, Gravik shouts in an alien language, summoning shadow versions of himself. They attack en masse.

The team is able to take out the additional numbers, as well as the rest of The Black Guard. Before they’re able to capture the slippery Gravik, Gravik screeches and yells out, “BOSS!”

Tentacles of shadow rip through the ground and capture each of the Golden Guardians and the Star Knight, except Aurum, protected by magic, and Firework, who slips through.

From the ground rises the leader of The Black Guard, Black Star. He inspects the team, as he slowly crushes them. “Interesting. Which planet do you hail from? I would like to…visit…”

None of the team answers, as Firework starts to light up the place. Black Star looks over at him, and says, “Well, you would be most fun to play with, I think…”
From above, Aurum yells out, “He’s taken!” as a blast of golden energy pierces the shadow dome. From the outside, dozens of Star Knights are attacking the dome with energy weapons of all kinds.

Black Star releases the team, dropping them to the floor. “We’ll continue this another time. Good bye, Star Knight. I hope to see you again…soon…” The shadows themselves wrap around the Black Guard, and they teleport out.

The Star Knights begin to see to the injured, and begin repairs on the Power Plant. They take Sri Lerus’ report. Sri Zarius shows up, envelops the team in an energy field, and flies them back to The Citadel.

“The Black Guard have never been able to penetrate our defenses before. For them to so boldy attack our power grid…”

Jesuit speaks up, saying what everyone is thinking, “Sri Lerus. I do believe you have a traitor among you.”



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