ACME Devices

ACME Devices are what mundane folks call devices or machines that Paranormals create that defy the laws of physics. Any item that “shouldn’t work but does” is an ACME device. Named after the old Warner Bros cartoon gags.

Examples are – Freeze Rays, Jet Packs, Flying Cars, Holodeck Simulators, etc.

Only Paranormals with the ability or intelligence to create these devices can make new ones. They are known as Gadgeteers. If a Gadgeteer creates a disintegration gun, anyone can use it, including non-paranormals. However, if anyone tried to follow the blue print of the gun, or reverse engineer it, it would not work.

Unless of course, they’re another Gadgeteer.

Several Gadgeteers are employed by AEGIS. They’re the ones responsible for the power dampening cells and collars.

The scientific terminology for ACME Devices are Unexplained Properties Device, or UPDs.

ACME Devices

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