A.E.G.I.S. – American Elite Government Intervention Service. This new governmental department was created in response to the rise in Paranormal Activity in the world.

Once it became known that normal folks were starting to develop destructive powers, a team of Scientists, Military strategists, psychologists and political advocates banned together to help figure out who these people were, why there were here, and whether they posed a threat to the American people.

The department grew exponentially as more and more Paranormals manifested. There are several AEGIS headquarters scattered throughout the continental U.S. (and a small outpost in Alaska).

With the help of AEGIS, the Paranormal Protection Act was quickly passed, giving AEGIS the power to detain Paranormals who were considered a danger to themselves or others, and to recruit those who would be useful to the cause.

At first seen as Men in Black and Big Brother rolled into one, AEGIS rose in popularity when their quick thinking and responses managed to curtail certain disaster when Paranormals lost control of their abilities, or used those same abilities to try and control those around them.

With their help, and the help of new recruits, Paranormals are no longer running wild, but are being watched and trained to help the rest of of mankind with their amazing abilities.


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