The Breaking

Chapter 8 Mindless Darkness Part 2

The rock creatures continue to push against Aurum’s barrier. The rest of the team springs into action.

Jesuit and Wildheart take turns at shooting and punching the creatures. Aurum tries to route the creatures so their destructive blasts don’t do more damage, giving time for the bystanders to run. They succeed to chipping off pieces of the creatures, but they don’t seem to notice.

Back in The Dark Dimension, a towering Dormammu slowly shrinks down in size, until he is only about 10 feet tall, and standing in front of Firework. He casually walks around Firework, sizing him up.

“So, you’re from that very interesting dimension, hmmm? You’ve been attracting a lot of attention recently. So much so that even I took notice.”

Firework says, “Well, we’ve been getting a lot of visitors. You’ll have to take a number.”

Dormammu laughs, mockingly. His laughter can be heard from all directions. “I don’t like to be kept waiting…Firework, is it? Normally I don’t bother with such insignificant dimensions as your own, but well, with all the chatter going on, I couldn’t help but take a look. And I’m so glad I did.”

Dormammu waves his hand. A portal appears, showing the battle on the beach. Dormammu turns his back on Firework. “Let’s see how my Mindless Ones are doing with the natives.”

As Dormammu turns, Firework uses all the speed he can muster and flies into the portal…only to be go through it onto the other side. Dormammu simply says, “I told you, no one leaves without my permission. Why don’t you just take a seat, and let’s watch together.”

As the battle continues on the beach, the team doesn’t seem to making much progress. They chip away at the entities, but they keep marching towards the houses. Aurum decides to even things up a bit.

Creating a panel underneath the creatures, he raises three of them into the air, locking them in place. He plans to throw them back into the ocean. Unfortunately, he doesn’t turn them around in time, and the creatures let loose with their blasts. The red beams cut into the houses in the Sunset, destroying building after building. Aurum quickly realizes his mistake and begins to rotate them in place.

Down below are three more of the creatures. Jesuit keeps running around them in circles, taking shots where he can. Wildheart wails into one, chipping away little by little. One gets a good hit on Wildheart, punching him clear across the beach.

Firework tries another tactic at escaping. He calls out to his friends, using his sparks as relays. He is able to break through the dimensional barrier temporarily and tell them about where he is, and what those creatures are called. “Mindless Ones, who work for some fiery guy called Dormammu. He’s apparently interested in our dimension for some reason.”

The team acknowledges the info and continue their battle. Firework then focuses on himself, and sends a shout out for help through his sparks. He knows his sparks represent one of him throughout the multiverse. He hopes that at least one of them will be able to help him escape.

Aurum, still holding onto three of the Mindless Ones, rotates them so they blast each other in the face. This works for a bit, until they stop. He holds them in place until he figures out what to do.

A call comes in through the comms, from AEGIS. It’s Mickey! He tells the team that he thinks the creatures they’re attacking are called Mindless Ones, that they work for Dormammu. When Jesuit asks how he knows this, Mickey responds sheepishly, “Um…I read about them. In a Marvel Comic Book. They’re enemies of Dr. Strange, a magician, who fights against Dormammu, the lord of the Dark Dimension.”

Aurum tells Ricky (Mickey!) to scan for any incursions that may have opened, that would have allowed these creatures to manifest. Mickey says they don’t detect any, but do detect read readings coming from the beach. Whether its from the creatures or something else, they don’t know.

Jesuit continues shooting at the creature, trying to distract them from going into the suburbs of the Sunset. As he does so, he notices something falling from the sky. With his enhanced vision, he can see shadowy tendrils appearing and heading towards the battle. He sees a total of four. They look like the shadows that appear in those who have been infected when they come through the incursions!

He aims and blasts one out of the sky. But three of them dodge his shots, and enter the bodies of the Mindless Ones.

Back in the Dark Dimension, Dormammu frowns. “Hmmm, what is this?” He zooms that window on the black tendrils, and watches as the shadows inhabit the Mindless Ones bodies. Firework says, “I told you, you’re not the only one who is interested in our dimension.”

The beach explodes into even more chaos. The three Mindless Ones who have become corrupted by the shadows act more intelligently, dodging out of the way of the heroes blasts. They even attack those Mindless Ones who aren’t affected! Since three of them are still caught by Aurum, they prove to be easy pickings.

Dormammu says, “No one takes what’s mine! And those creatures are mine!” He raises his hand and opens another portal into Firework’s dimension. Firework notices how he actually seems to struggle to tear the rift open. Taking a leap of faith, Firework zips into the portal, hoping to return home.

Instead, he appears in another part of the Dark Dimension, with no Mindless Ones and no sign of Dormammu. He looks around, and is about to call out of for help when another portal appears, this one looking like a vortex, different then the one Dormammu opened. He braces himself when he hears a voice come from within the portal.

“By the hoary hosts of Hoggoth!”

Back at the beach, using the confusion created by the shadows, the heroes are able to take down the Mindless Ones, one by one. As Jesuit blasts them with his holy energy, Wildheart punches them into the ground. Aurum blasts them with spell after spell, until they all are knocked unconscious.

One is left, and Jesuit is about to shoot it down, when he is able to hear something, something he hadn’t heard in a long time.

“Edmund? Edmund where are you?”

He recognizes the feminine voice. He recognizes it, and realizes its coming from the Mindless One! He races over to the creature, already down on one knee, almost knocked out.

“Edmund, are you there?”

Jesuit kneels below the beast. “Constance? Constance what…what is going on!?”

The creature “speaks,” even though it lacks a mouth.

“Why…what is going on? Where are we? Why…?”

Jesuit interrupts, “What is the last thing you remember?”

A moment passes, and then, “We…we were celebrating our anniversary. We were at our special place when…when…darkness…utter darkness enveloped us…”

Jesuit, shocked goes, “What…which anniversary?”

“Our fifth one…Why is this…What is going on!?”

Back in the Dark Dimension, Firework watches as a figure emerges from the portal. A man with black hair trimmed with white, a goatee, and wearing a blue loose tunic, and a long flowing red cloak, appears. He looks around and goes, “The Dark Dimension? I had not expected to come back here willingly.”


The man, seeing Firework for the first time, goes, “So you’ve heard of me. Was it you who was calling out for help?”

“Wait…you heard me!? I was calling out to my counterparts in other universes. There’s one of me in each universe, you know? Have you heard of “Firework?”

Strange shakes his head, “No, I can’t say that I have. Though that doesn’t mean he doesn’t exist. It’s a big world you know. How is it that Dormammu was able to get into your dimension? It takes a great deal of power to do so, or tears in your reality.”

Firework goes, “Yeah, we’ve been having problems with incursions. Portals opening up, things from other realities coming in. You know, the usual.”

Strange cocks an eyebrow. “Indeed. That would explain it. That would weaken the walls between your dimension and others, and attract his attention. Now then, we should take our leave before…”


The portal Strange came through shatters, as the voice echoes from all over. Dormammu appears in between the Doctor and Firework. He looks at Firework and goes, “I told you, no one leaves until I say so.”

Strange walks around Dormammu, warily eying him, and stands next to Firework. “What is it you want with this man, Dormammu. He has nothing you want.”

Dormammu opens a window into Fireworks world once more. He looks at it and says, “He has a whole dimension that I want. Adding another dimension to my Dark Dimension would give me more power, as you know, Strange. But…there seems to be another interested party involved.”

Doctor Strange starts to mutter something under his breath. Firework can see his fingers start to gesture. He decides to keep Dormammu talking.

“See, I told you. Not a good listener, are you?”

Dormammu doesn’t turn around. “I could take your dimension. I could just let my MIndless Ones tear through your defenses, break your humanity down, and then merge the dimension with my own. But…it would be more trouble than its worth. Something is coming, young planeswalker. Something is coming that will make you wish I had conquered your world. At least if I had, it would have been a quick annihilation.”

Dormammu waves his hands over the portal, and teleports the bodies of his Mindless Ones away. All except those infected.

Back on the beach, the Mindless Ones are teleported away. The Constance One looks at Jesuit. “I’m so scared. Everything was so cold and then I…I felt like I was being drawn away from you. And then you were gone.”

Jesuit touches her. “I’m here now. I’ll help you. We’ll figure this out, together.”

As he says this, flames start to erupt from the other Mindless Ones, those that had the shadowy creatures in them. Jesuit leaps back as he hears Constance, and the other two ,scream in agony. The flames envelop the golems, and then they are gone.

Dormammu closes the portal. “Now then, what to do with…”

Before Dormammu can finish talking, Firework puts his plan into motion. He had been trying to see if he could trace the link Doctor Strange had with his dimension, the thread that connected him to his home. As he does so, the Doctor finishes his incantation at the same time. Firework leaps into the Doctor’s connection and feels himself being spirited away. The Doctor himself vanishes from the Dark Dimension, and away from an angry Dormammu.

The battle may be done, but Firework has not been returned. Aurum decides to rectify that. Knowing they exist, Aurum summons a Mindless One. The one he summons is smaller then the golems they had fought. It looks around confusedly and then at Aurum.

“Tell me where Firework is. Tell me what has happened to him.”

The creature stares at Aurum, and then responds, in that same non-voice that Constance had spoken in. “My master does not like his subjects to be controlled. Release me or suffer his…”

“ANSWER ME!” Aurum yells, throwing his will into the command.

The creature stops talking, pauses a moment, and goes, “My dark lord has released your puny Firework from his existence because he no longer had need of him. And now he commands that I be FREE!”

The creature blasts Aurum square in the chest, knocking him back. The creature says, “Do not summon us again, or face my master’s wrath!” In a flash of light the creature dissapears.

Jesuit heals Aurum up, with Wildheart standing next to him. “Who’s Constance?” Wildheart asks.

“My ex-wife. Once we get back to HQ, I have a call to make.”



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