• Cain


    A threat bigger than the team has ever faced
  • Caretaker


    The man who trained the team on how to use their powers.
  • Collective


    Changing Perceptions
  • Dr. Brennan

    Dr. Brennan

    Facility Director of Presidio Division of A.E.G.I.S.
  • Firework


    Baby, you're a Fiiiirework! Other than being constantly surrounded by an ever-moving mass of rainbow-hued sparks, Firework is your typical 16-year-old geeky kid just trying to get along and get by. ...and maybe save the world while he's at it.
  • Kali


    A mysterious Aegis agent that joined the team following Spartan's departure.
  • Miguel "Mickey" Rodriguez

    Miguel "Mickey" Rodriguez

    AEGIS agent-in-training working in Communications.
  • Pack-Rat


    6 foot tall humanoid rat. Leader of The Unmentionables.
  • The Jesuit

    The Jesuit

    Handsome in a very Mediterannean way, with short-cropped salt-and-pepper hair, Father Aramis wears a long black coat over his AEGIS armor, his priest's collar clearly showing, and a traditional wide-brimmed Jesuit's hat.
  • Vasquez


    Soldier from Presidio Compound
  • Wildheart


    Unpredictable Powerhouse