Guardian of the Nevernever


An elderly man who is solidly built. A full head of white hair and a rough looking patch of white beard. Grizzled look, wearing a white collar button shirt that’s wrinkled and worn slacks.

Recently he’s been discovered to be older than when the team originally met him. He now has a withered look that comes with a lack of hygiene and balanced nutrition (having lived on the streets) and is easily confused and distracted.


He was the only person the team interacted with when they were in The Nevernever. He brought them to his house where they recuperated and spent a whole year (in our time) training in their abilities.

He said he was The Caretaker, one in a long line of people who have trained “The Chosen Ones” on how to use their abilities. He’s been doing it “for as long as I can remember.” According to what he said, for as long as there’d been “Chosen Ones” there’d been “Caretakers.”

Recently The Caretaker was discovered among Pack-Rat’s Unmentionables, lost and confused. He says he’s been homeless for a while, and has no recollection of being The Caretaker or of the Nevernever. He goes by “Carl.”


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