Unpredictable Powerhouse


Gender: Male Height 6’1”
Age: 22 Weight 165 lbs.
Alt/Secret Identity: Rick Matthews Eyes: Blue Hair: Blonde

Total Score Natural Enhance Notes/Misc
Strength 9 2 7 Enhanced only works around other paranormals
Stamina 9 4 5
Agility 9 4 5
Dexterity 9 2 7
Fighting 9 4 5
Intellect 3 3
Awareness 4 4
Presence 3 3

Initiative 17 (12)

Dodge 19(14)
Parry 19(14)
Will 16

Resistance & Damage
Fortitude 9(4)
Toughness 9(4) –


Accurate Attack: Trade effect damage for attack bonus, up to 5.

Prone Fighting: Suffer no attack penalties and opponents do not gain bonuses when hero is prone.

Takedown: When incapacitating a minion, take a free attack against adjacent minion. You can continue to use this advantage until you miss or there are no more adjacent minions.

Improved Initiative (Rank: 2): +4 to intiative roll for each rank.

Defensive Attack: When making a defensive attack, convert up to 5 attack ranks into bonuses to both active defenses.

Ultimate Effort: Spend a hero point to treat a particular check as a 20 (No need to roll die, just add 20 to modifier.

Move-By Action: Can move before and after standard action, splitting total movement speed between both moves.

Interpose: Once per round, when an ally within range of normal movement is hit by an attack, you can choose to place self between the attacker and ally as a reaction, making you the target of the attack instead. Can not be used against area effects or perception range attacks, only those requiring an attack check.

Improved Disarm: You have no penalty to your attack check when attempting to disarm an opponent and they do not get the opportunity to disarm you.


Enhanced Traits
Wildheart absorbs the ambient energy of other paranormals which improves all of his physical attributes to their maximum. However, he loses the enhanced traits whenever he is separated from other paranormals. The range to which he must stay in contact with other paranormals without losing enhanced traits is about 300 yards.

By targeting another paranormal’s energy, Wildheart is able to lash out at target and drain them of their power. Effect: 1st Rank: Dazed; 2nd Rank: Stunned; 3rd Rank: Incapacitated. (Flaw: Affliction only works on other paranormals.)

W ildheart

Acrobatics 9(4)
Athletics 9(2)
Close Combat:
(Unarmed) 9(4)
Deception 3
Expertise 3
Insight 10
Intimidation 3
Investigation 3
Perception 4
Persuasion 9
Ranged Combat:
(Throwing Objects) 9(2)
Sleight of Hand 9(2)
Stealth 9(4)
Technology 3
Treatment 3
Vehicles 9(2)

Secret: Wildheart has a secret that he hopes to keep hidden even from his teammates. Years before the Breaking, Wildheart was sent to prison for manslaughter. While still on parole, the Breaking happened and Wildheart disappeared for a year, which caused him to be in violation of his parole. Aegis has managed to take care of it, but now Wildheart wonders if he must work for Aegis or face jail time for parole violation.

Family: Wildheart has a mother and older brother who have no idea that their missing son/brother is still alive. Wildheart has been unable to locate them, and is unsure if he wants them to know where he is for fear that it would put them in danger.

Do-Gooder: Due to his childhood of abuse from his father, Wildheart has a desire to protect all those who are unable to protect themselves, even putting himself in harm’s way to protect them.


Not much is known about Wildheart’s origins, not even to his friends and teammates. All that he has revealed is that he was on his way out with some guys from his job when they found themselves on the bridge as The Breaking occurred. While trying to get people to safety, Wildheart was caught in the dimensional rift that also snagged up four others. When they awoke, they were in another place, a place outside the earthly realm. When he and the others discovered they had powers, they also met a man they would come to know as Caretaker. He would tell them that they were The Chosen and were responsible for keeping the world safe. They received training, and time flowed differently for each person. However, they all seemed to agree that they had been gone for no more than a couple months. When Caretaker decided they were ready, he returned them to where they had disappeared, the Golden Gate Bridge.

Only a huge piece of the bridge was missing, the part where they returned. Kyle, who had the power to create sparks of light that were capable of lifting and transporting them back to San Francisco where they learned they had been gone a year, all hell had broken loose in their city, and they weren’t the only paranormals around. At first, the group went into hiding trying to figure out what they should do. Eventually, a government agency called Aegis discovered them and recruited them as members of a paranormal unit that would be called on missions to protect innocent lives from rogue paranormals.

As the months passed, Wildheart had grown in his powers, which rely on his being in close proximity to other paranormals leading the Aegis scientists to conclude that Wildheart has become a paranormal battery soaking up excess paranormal energy that he can then use in a variety of ways. At first, Wildheart’s only concerns while being a member of the Aegis team was finding out where his mother and brother had gone and worrying that his past could jeopardize his freedom. However, over time, Wildheart became more and more paranoid about the true intentions of the Aegis group and their plans for Wildheart and his friends if Aegis decides that the Paranormal teams are not working. As Wildheart’s suspicions and paranoia grows, he discovers a group called HOPE that appear to share his suspicions. After researching the group, Wildheart has decided to arrange a meeting with HOPE to share with them what he knows about Aegis.


The Breaking Kenne