The Breaking

Season 3 Issue 1 - Crash Landing Part 2

Four drone like machines rise up from around the large boulder. They swarm into formation and seem to analyze their surroundings. Two of them turn their blasters to the most obvious threat, Wildheart, who is still standing on top of the large boulder.

Firework and Jesuit continue to try and speak to the drones, trying to show that they (despite appearances) come in peace.

Bouncer picks up a handful of pebbles and waits to see if Firework or Jesuit can calm down the situation.

War seemingly disappears from the battle field.

Aurum had remained behind at AEGIS HQ and was getting the troops ready to move out, either to help contain the situation, help the local civilian population, or to help them evacuate. General Johnson stood back as he watched Aurum take charge, giving suggestions and taking care of the more minute details. They wait until satellite imagery can pick up the scene where the team is.

Firework lets Jesuit do the talking. He sends in a spark to see what’s inside the giant boulder. With his natural illumination, Firework is able to see that there is indeed something in the giant rock. It’s a machine of some sort, unlike any he has ever seen. It is extremely advanced and complex. Firework explores a bit, but has to pull out when he triggers something. The machine start to boot up! Firework can sense the energy source for the machine and it is potent. So much so that he can feel the power through his spark.

As the rock machine starts to power on, the drones attack! They blast at the team, focusing on Wildheart.

Firework tells the others what he’s found, which gives Wildheart an idea. He teleports to Firework’s spark…still inside the machine!

Bouncer flicks a pebble at incredible velocity at one of the probes, creating a hole within it. War launches arrows, causing the other probes to spark with damage. Jesuit continues to try and reason with the probes.

The drones attack, launching blasts of energy at the team. Bouncer leaps into the air and grabs one of the drones, using it to smash into another, destroying one and seriously damaging the other.

Wildheart, inside, is almost crushed instantly by the machinery. There is no room to move, and very little light. He grabs onto the closest set of wires he can and starts to pull. Sparks leap out and Wildheart can see the intricate gears and wires that run rampant throughout the machine. As he struggles to do damage, steam starts to pour out from the machine as it starts to move! The whirls and hiss of steam activate as the machine begins to take shape, transforming with Wildheart inside! The energy that Firework felt begins to rise and it starts to burn Wildheart, as the machine itself begins to crush him. With one final pull, Wildheart tears out some circuitry and teleports out.

Wildheart is on the verge of collapsing, pushing his new healing factor to its very limits. The team stands back as the boulder’s rocky exterior sheds, leaving behind a metallic sphere, that begins to change shape.

The sphere transforms into a massive robot, nearly 30 feet tall, heavy armor covering its exterior, a powerful furnace of energy emanating from its mouth. It stands up, towering over the team, and scans them. It seems to take stock of the surrounding area as well.

Jesuit instinctively turns on his Angel Eye, scanning the new creature, trying to understand what its purpose is. His eye blazes bright, as information is acquired.

Which is when Jesuit cries out in pain and collapses.

Bouncer says, “That can’t be good…”

Wildheart, recovering slowly, tells Juanito to get Jesuit back on the plane. Juanito throws up a force field just as the other drones, still active, attack. He protects Jesuit and drags him back onto the plane safely.

The robot scans the surrounding area and turns to face east. It starts to walk, each step causing the earth to tremble.

Aurum sees all of this via his mind link to Firework. He sends Mickey to get Jackson. Mickey comes back and says Jackson isn’t answering any hails nor answering his laboratory door. Aurum calls on Johnny 5, and tells him to get Jackson on the line. Johnny 5 is able to patch into Jackson’s computer, opening up his camera. Jackson is in his lab, in a parka with black steampunk googles.

“Um…hi. I was just…getting…cold…”

Aurum dismisses this and tells Jackson about the situation. Jackson removes his parka & googles (he’s till wearing a Hawaiian shirt underneath) and begins to patch into the system. With Johnny’s help, they’re able to sync AEIGS’ satellites and show the rest of command what’s going on.

Jackson whistles, “Now THAT’S a robot.”

Aurum tells General Jackson that he’s going to help the team and races off. General Johnson turns to look at Jackson, “Find me something that can stop that walking tin can.” Johnny 5 speaks up, “Oh oh I know someone!” The view screen fills up with Melody Mist, in a towel fresh out of the shower.

“JOHNNY! What did I tell you about asking BEFORE you…wait…that’s AEGIS HQ, isn’t it…?” She holds onto the towel for dear life, as several of the AEGIS soldiers stop what they’re doing to look at the view screen.

Jackson & Johnny tell her the sitch, and she gets to work. After putting on a robe.

Back at Point Reyes, Firework flies up to face the robot. He says loudly, “Why are you here? What’s your purpose?”

The machine does not stop walking, but answers. “Probot…function…is to…analyze. Determine…threat level…report. Scanning.” It scans Firework. “Threat level…evaluating…” It continues walking. Jackson reports in that if it keeps heading in the direction it’s traveling, it’ll walk right into downtown Point Reyes.

Bouncer, having enough of this, leaps onto the robot. It looks him right in the eye and goes, “We’re no threat to you. We don’t want any trouble. Leave before…”

The Probot blasts Bouncer, knocking him down. Aurum shows up in time to see this and throws up a force field around the robot to stop it in its tracks. The Probot shoots another beam of light, and negates the force field! Firework sees that the blast was a different color than the one that blasted Bouncer.

Firework surrounds the mech with his sparks, and begins to lift into the sky, away from any civilians. The machine shoots another beam and blasts through the sparks. The machine begins to plummet when its jet pack activates. It hovers for a moment, rescans the area, and flies off in a different direction.

According to Jackson, right to San Francisco. He tells the team that he’s picking up faint transmission signals, very similar to the ones that were being transmitted by the cubes left behind by the Huntmaster! Not exactly the same, but the Probot is indeed transmitting. He can’t trace the source.

The team all leap into action, taking off after the Probot. Bouncer gets a ride with Firework & Aurum, while Wildheart replicates Juanito’s flying ability.

Everyone, except for War, who’s left with the plane and the remaining three drones.

War lets loose, running into the middle of the drones, leaping into the air and slamming an explosion arrow into the closest drone, being knocked back by the blast. It hurts like hell, but his new nanoblood transfusion does its job, healing him up. The blast takes out another drone and severely damaging the other two.

War takes as good as he gets, and eventually knocks down the other two. He gets in the jet, realizes neither he nor Juanito know how to fly the plane, and gets Melody to hack into the plane and fly it to meet up with the team.

Bouncer is dropped onto the Probot, right in its face, and unleashes a powerful blow, cracking its eye piece. The creature blasts Bouncer once more, dropping him from several hundred feet in the air! Wildheart swoops down and catches him. Bouncer contacts AEGIS, and tells them to gear up, that they need to prepare for battle.

Melody cuts into everyone’s communications. “Guys! I remembered something! I read the interrogations of…” She stops, realizes General Johnson is RIGHT THERE, and makes it so only the team & Jackson can hear.

“Anyways, I may or may not have accessed AEGIS files that were a lil’ classified…What? I was bored. Anywho, I read the interrogations of the other yous, you know, your dopples. They all said the same thing, that the final battle they had was against a ginormous robot, one that was super tough and like…scanning everything in sight. Then you know…their universe ended…”

On the plane, Juanito is tending to Jesuit, making sure he’s strapped in. Jesuit’s eyes open and he sits up fast. He yells out, “It’s coming…he’s coming….and we can’t stop it…”



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