The Breaking

Season 3 Issue 2 - Stars Among Us Part 2

The Starbreed, as they call themselves, stand on the ramp of the spaceship. Dozens of tourists and park goers are taking pictures and videos. Most seem to think this is another Paranormal event, but some are starting to catch on.

Bouncer calls for AEGIS back up, to help get the civilians out of the way. The park rangers and local police begin to evacuate the area, but not before the scene goes viral.

Bouncer gets notified by Dr Brennan that he must tread carefully. If these are Paranormals, then handle it like any other Paranormal situation. But if these are actually Aliens…technically this will fall outside of their jurisdiction.

Bouncer & Jesuit begin first contact. They introduce themselves, Erebus (black skin, white hair), War Witch (redhead with giant red metal ax), Drakko (giant reptilian with cobra hood), & Iron Monger (in power armor with spikes). They claim to be working for the United Galaxy Federation, and have been sent on a mission to hunt down a rogue alien that has the means of causing planet wide destruction.

Erebus does most of the talking, though in broken English. He explains the coalition is a number of alien civilizations, working together for the betterment of their worlds. They have open trade agreements, and offer each other assistance when needed. The Starbreed are the intergalactic police, who help maintain order. They tracked down the rogue alien to Earth. The coalition wasn’t ready to make their appearance known to to this planet (since they’re not space faring and thus not ready), but due to the nature of the situation, they got permission to make first contact.

The word “Primitive” was used.

Jesuit scans the team with his Angel Eye. He can sense that they are quite powerful, but something seems to be dampening his senses. Erebus is protected by some sort of psychic shield, War Witch’s mind seems to be in flux, and Iron Monger is protected by his suit.

Drakko, on the other hand, is an open book.

Drakko has done things, dark things, but whether that was in the line of duty or something else, Jesuit is unsure.

Wildheart attempts to mimic their powers, and takes in their scent. They are not Paranormals. Bouncer reports to Brennan, who tells him to keep them there until the government can take over.

War Witch had been standing at attention, seemingly waiting for a fight. She twitches, and steps forward to speak. She’s eloquent and seductive. Jesuit asks what that twitch was. She explains that in her species, siblings share the same bodies. She is actually 4 in 1. She shows them a holo-image of the rogue alien, clad in yellow body armor, holding an energy sword.

The Starbreed explain that they want to make peace, to show the world their good intentions, and that they’re willing to talk to the heads of their governments.

Jesuit asks them where they came from. He pulls up some space maps on his phone. Iron Monger asks for the phone. Jesuit hands it over. A cord springs from Iron Monger’s armor, connecting with the phone. There are whistles and a bit of tinkering, but when Iron Monger is done, Jesuit’s phone is able to project holographic images. Iron Monger brings up a space map, indicating that they come from outside of their galaxy.

After a few more minutes, the S.F. police arrives. They have been instructed by The Mayor to bring the aliens to a secret location, without the team. Bouncer & Jesuit know that The Mayor is no fan of the team.

Iron Monger punches a few buttons on his sleeve, and the ship closes its doors and launches up into the sky, where it cloaks itself.

Dr. Brennan is able to pull a few strings and gets permission for Jesuit to accompany the caravan. Erebus, War Witch & Jesuit go in a limo, while Drakko goes in a large…much larger…van. Iron Monger leaps onto the limo, and travels on top. Though ridiculously heavy, he is able to stay on the limo without damaging it.

As they’re about to take off, War tags Erebus with a listening device, to hear what’s going on and keep track of them. Melody is able to connect everyone’s comms to the listening device. On the way to their secret location, Jesuit makes small talk.

As the team listens in, Iron Monger is able to tap into their frequency. He admits that he’s impressed, and would’ve done the same thing, and allows them to continue listening in.

The caravan arrives at the secret location. It’s a large warehouse, where they meet The Mayor and his security detail. In the middle of the warehouse is a table with seats. The Mayor greets the aliens, and glares at Jesuit.

He explains that Jesuit is there as a courtesy and that he is not to interfere in any way, that this is a diplomatic situation, one that can be handled by the United States Government. Jesuit stands to the side, keeping an eye on everyone. Drakko, War Witch & Iron Monger stand to the side as well, as Erebus takes the lead, speaking with The Mayor.

In the Nevernever, Aurum is quietly reading while sipping some Brandy that he found in a hidden location, next to the book he is currently reading, The Caretaker’s diary. Caretaker pokes his head in and tells Aurum about the alien situation. He stops mid sentence when he notices his items of value.

Aurum simply shrugs, “If you didn’t want me to partake, you should’ve hidden them better.” Caretaker snaps his fingers and the items disappear. Caretaker says, “Uh huh, I’ll remember that. Anyways…aliens huh? I mean, I kinda knew they were out there, but never had the opportunity to you know, interact. Very interesting. Very interesting indeed…” Aurum got the hint, and takes his leave.

Aurum materializes in the warehouse. He tells Jesuit that he’s taking over the watch. The Mayor gets flustered and upset, but Erebus welcomes Aurum. Jesuit takes his leave.

Back at HQ, the team gathers to take a breather from their alien encounter. Which is of course when the alarms go off. Johnny 5 has picked up an emergency signal coming from San Jose. It seems someone in power armor is running amok downtown. Local social media footage shows that the figure seems to be slamming into buildings and shooting off random blasts.

The team hop onto their jet and speed off.

Back at the warehouse, diplomatic negotiations are not going well. The Mayor attempts to politicize the meeting, but all Erebus wants is for him to offer assistance in capturing “their prey.” Erebus gets a bit more abrasive, as it is clear The Mayor is out of his league.

That’s when his security detail gets a heads up about an incoming guest. All eyes go to the door of the warehouse as The President of the United States himself walks in. The Mayor’s jaw drops, as he gets up to greet the Commander in Chief. The President greets him briefly when he notices Aurum.

Aurum and the President hug and chatter about old times. They haven’t seen each other since Sascha’s graduation. They promise each other that they’ll make time to catch up. The Mayor tries to intersect himself, but the President says he can go now. Secret Service agents escort the Mayor and his security detail out.

The real negotiations begin.

After some back and forth, Aurum is able to sense that Erebus is using some sort of mind ability on The President. He steps in to stop it. That’s when Iron Monger alert goes off. He informs everyone that their prey has been spotted. Erebus abruptly stands up and motions to his team to go.

The President goes, “Now now, we are in the middle of getting to know each other. Surely you realize that you shouldn’t…”

Erebus cuts him off, “No, YOU shouldn’t interfere. Go.”

Iron Monger, Drakko, & War Witch teleport out. The Secret Service raise their weapons.

Erebus waves his hands, and the agents stand still, unable to move. Erebus looks at Aurum and The President. “That was easier then I thought. I was sure we’d have to play nice longer, even getting to know the other powered individuals of this world, before our prey emerged. Oh well, this makes things more interesting.”

Before anyone can react, a blast of energy from Erebus hits The President square in the chest. He glows for a moment, seemingly stunned at what was happening. And then…he disappears. Vaporized.

Erebus waves his hands at the agents, and they all collapse to the floor, unconscious.

Erebus turns to Aurum, who has been silently observing the whole scene. “Now then, let’s get to know each other, hmmm?”

Back in San Jose, the team arrives just in time to see the yellow armored alien wrecking havoc. It smashes into buildings, randomly, causing destruction to the building. It shoots beams of energy into the sky, hitting whatever is in its way. The alien doesn’t seem to take notice of the team arrive on the scene.

The team attempts to communicate with the alien, to no avail. Wildheart leaps into action, attacking the alien when it’s not looking. The alien quickly turns around, producing an energy shield, and blocks his attack. The alien seems to notice them for the first time.

Melody, monitoring from home, tells War to hit the armor with a hacking arrow (yes, that’s a thing) so she can try and take control of the suit. War does so, and Melody, with Johnny 5’s help, get to work.

After a few moments, Melody says, “Guys. There’s some sort of interference happening. A strange signal is emanating from somewhere…up….and it seems to be interacting badly with the alien armor.”
The team look up and sure enough, the alien spacecraft decloaks and begins to descend.

War Witch, Drakko & Iron Monger step out of the ship. Iron Monger goes, “Stand aside, humans. She is our prey.”

Jesuit goes, “Perhaps we should work together, try to get to the bottom of…”

War Witch twitches, and a booming voice emanates from her. “She is ours! If you do not stand aside, we will cut our way through you.”

Melody speaks up, “Guys, keep ‘em busy. Johnny & I have almost…”

Iron Mongers voice speaks up inside the communicators, “I think that is quite enough.” Iron Monger touches something on his sleeve, and Johnny 5 screams in agony. Loud feedback rips through the communicators, forcing the team to take them out.

The team braces for battle as Drakko lets out a large roar.



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