Chapter 7 Part 3 - New Beginnings

Firework follows the trail through the sewers. Jesuit managed to snag hold of him and was dragged along behind him. Bursting out of an open grate, they wind up in the Bayview District, surrounded by Warehouses. They follow shouts and find a flying woman surrounded by fire hovering over the warehouse. Jesuit stealths along the side of the building and sees someone putting Rat Pack into a black body bag, and tossing it into a black van.

Using the GPS in their communicator, Kali and Wildheart are able to join them quickly. Bouncer and Collective get there on foot.

Firework engages the fiery woman (Mindfire) and attacks. Jesuit sneaks onto the roof trying to get a shot in. Mindfire is joined by another flying woman, Death Magnetic, a woman covered in metal armor, who hurls pieces of the roof at the heroes.

When the others show up, Collective uses her remote sensing to search the warehouse. She “sees” workers who are either knocked out or dead, and a hole in the roof. She wanders into the warehouse and walks up the catwalk just as something comes bursting through the wall of the warehouse. Anvil, a short metal man, who charges from one side of the building through the other.
Outside, Jesuit and Wildheart take on Anvil, while Firework keeps Mindfire distracted. Wildheart zaps Anvil with his Affliction, dazing him, while Jesuit takes shots at him, with no effect. Jesuit turns his attention to Mindfire & Death Magnetic.

Kali leaps from the roof and onto Death Magnetic, wrapping herself around her, preventing her from tearing off the entire roof of the building. Firework keeps attacks Mindfire, who gets whittled down. The more she’s hit, the more she shrieks in fury.

Death Magnetic picks up the stunned Anvil and tries to use him as a battering ram against Jesuit, almost slamming into the van. Firework creates a forcefield that protects the van and Jesuit.
Anvil gets knocked out of the fight but mysteriously vanishes.

Firework and Jesuit are able to take out Mindfire, and Kali knocks out Death Magnetic.

Collective stays invisible while trying to read the minds of the villains. As she tries to tap into Mindfire, she gets the mental image of a goth looking girl, invisible, who seems to be able to teleport others. As she gets this image, Mindfire disappears.

While everyone gathers around the van, Firework opens the van and discovers various body bags. As he zips them open, his new ability activates. He looks at his friends, who are glowing brightly and golden. He opens one up and it’s Pack Rat, who’s alive! He gets everyone out of the body bag, who are unconscious and beaten, but alive.

The last one he unzips contains a surprise though. Briefly blinded, he turns off his new WTF Vision, and sees. Though older with a thicker white beard, Firework realizes that it’s The Caretaker!

Chapter 7 Part 3 - New Beginnings

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