Family Matters

After the successful capture of Tribal, the team is given a day off to recuperate. Before they’re sent on their merry way, Dr. Brennen asked to speak with everyone privately.

Except for Collective.

She tells Firework that a visit has been arranged for him to go see his father the following day. He’s being cared for at a military medical facility up north, just past Sacramento. He’s to go in the A.E.G.I.S. van and not fly so as not to draw unwanted attention to himself.

Talking with Wildheart, she tells him that they’ve found out where his mother and brother have been moved to, after The Breaking left them homeless. They’ve been relocated to the Berkeley Hills. She tells him that it’s up to him when he’d like to arrange a reunion, if ever. He thinks it over and decides to call his Ex Parole officer, to get his opinion. Before he leaves, Dr Brennan informs him that his brother seems to have vanished several months ago.

Bouncer comes in next. Dr. Brennan explains that she has been informed of his performance on the various missions, at times taking the lead in the operation. She offers him the position of Squad Leader. She explains that this will involve a lot more responsibility, for both the success of the missions as well as keeping his team in check. She tells him she sees great leadership qualities in him, but they must be honed. There’s also a pay increase. He accepts and is told to report to the General for advanced training.

Collective has been in the galley, pretending to eat but really spying on everyone around her. She is joined at the table by an older, attractive woman with hair pushed up and glasses. She calls herself Professor Janeway, and she asks if she could have a word with Collective. She agrees, begrudgingly. Professor Janeway informs Collective that she’s been offered the opportunity to become Collective’s tutor, helping her integrate into this strange new world as well as learn how to be a productive member of society.

Collective sneers at the professor, immediately distrustful of the academic. She says she can learn nothing from her, that she doesn’t need to be taught anything, and to leave her alone. Professor Janeway says that if and when she’s ready, to come find her in tent (insert number here) and walks away.

Firework arrives at the medical facility. He’s led to an underground bunker where the patients are being kept by the head doctor. The doctor explains the situation. When The Breaking occurred, most of the people on the bridge were saved by a second flash of light. They were moved to either side of the bridge, on land, before the bridge collapsed. Not everyone was saved, but the majority was. 5 days later, though, another flash of light appeared, and a dozen people were dropped off on the Marin side of the collapsed bridge. Firework’s father was in that batch of people. They were all unconscious.

When they were taken to the hospital, people who interacted with them began to pass out as well, falling into a deep coma. Even with the chaos, folks realized what had happened. Whatever was causing the coma in the original patients was transferring. They took everyone infected to another facility. Everyone who came into contact with the patients eventually fell into the coma. With trial and error, they discovered that radiation suits were capable of protecting people. They were all transferred here, where they’ve been ever since.

After some time contemplating the situation, Firework took to the sky and flew home, with a quick detour of the Golden Gate Bridge, which is being rebuilt. He comes to the realization that some consciousness must be behind the breaking, or why else wouldn’t have all the people on the bridge plummeted to their deaths?

Wildheart speaks to his Parole Officer, Marshall, who confirms that his brother had gone missing months ago. Wildheart says that his brother would never leave his mother. Marshall says that his brother had changed. He arranges a dinner with Wildheart’s mom, telling her he’s bringing “a friend.”

Arriving at her home, upon seeing Wildheart in the doorway, she goes up to Wildheart and says, “You’re late for dinner, son.” They both break into tears and long hugs. Marshall leaves them to catch up.

During the dinner, Wildheart notices that she avoids asking where he’s been, what he’s been doing, and mentioning his brother. He eventually asks the question, “Where is he?” She looks tired but answers that after Wildheart vanished, his brother began to change.

“He started acting like you did when you two were younger.” Wildheart flinches at that.

She tells him his brother got very moody and started lying to her, sneaking around, not telling her who he was hanging out with. He “quit” his job, but continued to bring home money. One day, she arrived home after a shift at a local shop, and discovered his suitcase and some clothes were gone. She filed a missing persons report, neglecting to mention the part of the suitcase, hoping that the police would bring him home. But they never spotted him.

She said, “You know as well as I do, if your brother doesn’t want to be found, he won’t be.”

Wildheart says, “Not if I look for him.” He goes back to base after his mom goes to bed.

Collective sneaks into Professor Janeway’s office, invisibly, and taps directly into her mind. She begins to “talk” to her, asking why she’s so interested in being her “teacher.” Janeway answers honestly, that she was asked by AEGIS to help, and she wants to help her. She believes she can help Collective, and learn from her as well. Collective takes control of her mind and makes her walk out of her office, to prove a point that SHE’S in control. Janeway regains control outside of her office, and walks away.

Dr. Brennan calls in Bouncer for a follow up to their previous meeting.

Firework comes up with an idea, after talking with Dr. Brennan, and gathers the team together. He wants to look into their origins, not only why they got their power, but how. He believes that with Wildheart’s help, he may be able to create a way to a) identify other Paranormals and b) localize the energy that gives them their power. Dr. Brennan said that Wildheart’s ability to “drain” the energy of Paranormals is unique, as far as AEGIS is concerned. Firework hopes to be able to do…something…with Wildheart’s power. If they can identify the energy, they might be able to discover where their abilities come from.

Collective combines her power with Fireworks to see if she can telepathically guide his sparks to where her mind is. It works. Firework also realizes something, after Collective spouts off about “The Goo.” Collective is a clone, not born like the rest of them, but made.

Spartan, who’s been “Over There” this whole time, asks the question, “If she’s a clone, who’s she a clone of?”

Family Matters

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