The Unmentionables

The Unmentionables are a group of Paranormals who can no longer pass off as being normal. They tend to be disfigured, mutated, or distorted. Most of them seem to be low level Paranormals. They live in the sewers of San Francisco, with passages running throughout the city.

According to AEGIS, most major cities have a small commune of these Paranormals, varying in size and organization. Pack Rat has created one of the largest and most organized communities. With his techno-savy abilities, he’s been able to create a comfortable environment for those downtrodden. The commune is open to both WTFs and mundane homeless folks.

Notable Unmentionables in San Francisco -

  • Pack Rat
  • Coral Snake
  • Mosquito
  • Carl (aka The Caretaker)
  • Darla (Grass covered healer)

The Unmentionables

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